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I offer teletherapy services including video counseling sessions using internet-based, interactive audio-visual telemedicine services as well as phone sessions.  Video appointments are similar to having therapy sessions through FaceTime or Skype, but using encrypted and HIPAA-compliant technology to maintain privacy and confidentiality.


I have been providing telehealth counseling services to some of my clients for several years now and can say with confidence it is an easy to use and effective approach to providing therapy.  As a licensed psychologist I am able to provide teletherapy to all Colorado residents including those who live in more remote areas or have difficulty traveling to in-person counseling sessions.  In light of the impact of the COVID-19 virus telehealth sessions are a particularly convenient way for clients to safely access therapy. 


For additional information along with detailed instructions about how to use Simple Practice telehealth services please click here.  To learn more about video and phone appointments and how you can get started with teletherapy sessions please contact me.

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