I am currently recruiting participants for a weekday late afternoon/early evening interpersonal process group.  This type of therapy group is specifically designed to help people improve the quality of their relationships, deepen their comfort with emotions, and develop healthy closeness and intimacy in their lives. 

This ongoing therapy group will start with online video telehealth meetings with the plan to eventually transition to face-to-face group meetings at 503 Remington St.  If you are interested in potentially being a member of the group please contact me to schedule a complimentary one-on-one interview to discuss your goals and determine whether group will be a good fit for you before committing to attending.


The group will meet weekly for 90 minutes and there is a $50 fee for each group session.  There are a limited number of reduced fee spots available to people who financially would not be able to participate in the group.  Sliding scale decisions will be negotiated in the initial one-on-one interview before starting the group.


Just a little bit about me... I am passionate about group work and have greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to lead interpersonal process groups, grief and loss groups, and social skills groups since 2003.  My experiences with psychotherapy groups have been integral to my growth as a person and I am committed to my own ongoing personal and professional development.  I am currently a member of a long-term, weekly modern analytic training group for therapists that informs my relational and experiential approach to group facilitation.


To learn more about the interpersonal process group and how it can help you develop healthier and more fulfilling relationships in your life please contact me.

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